My Mind Is In Darkness Now

the sky's gonna hurt when it falls // dave thomas brown is all you're probably gonna see on here

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God, is this it? This can’t be it…Oh God, what a bitch.

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Anonymous asked: your cover of in my own little corner is perfect.

oh my goodness thank you, that means so much :)

praying that dave thomas brown is on broadway soon.


the most unrealistic thing about high school musical is that they let ryan wear hats in class

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my favorite friendships in musical theatre (3/?): veronica sawyer and martha dunnstock in heathers.

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phantom faces at the window, phantom shadows on the floor,
empty chairs at empty tables
where my friends will meet no more

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dave thomas brown is not a real person


so i made another one of those heathers collages, this time with JD! (this one’s gonna be my science binder)


lord if you love me you will provide me with a dave thomas brown bootleg of heathers